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The report center is great for keeping current with goals and stats. Chiro8000 has made our billing procedures easy to maneuver within the program. Most rewarding, using Chiro8000 has increased collections using outstanding claim tracers, and monthly reports. Chiro8000 is very convenient and user friendly.


Office Manager, Tennessee

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5 Reasons You Need Great Customer Service and Software Support

With Chiro8000, you get the best possible software support in the industry (provided by trained professionals in the chiropractic field), which will results in increased efficiency, productivity, a better doctor-patient relationship and experience with your...

Why Chiropractic Cloud Solutions Failed

In the chiropractic market, cloud software has become a fad. With the rise of the cloud, many offices rushed into changing their old method of on-premise data storage. However, they never considered: If the advantages the cloud provide make sense for my single-office...

Chiropractors – Why It’s Time to Change Your Software

How do you know when it’s time to change your software? Maybe you have new staff and need constant training. Maybe your business is growing. Maybe you’ve noticed that your staff is not communicating effectively, or you are struggling with receiving payments quickly...

How Do We Help Your Practice Grow?

Chiropractic professionals are always concerned about staying true to the primary needs of taking the best care possible of their patients. But running a business is about more than just patient care. There is a lot you can do to help your practice grow, and by...

5 Most Critical Features You Need from EMR Software

While there are many of options for chiropractic software today, there are few that provide the basic functionality every chiropractic office needs to run efficiently, while providing the delivery and security it needs to be compliant. Other software solutions focus...

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