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The report center is great for keeping current with goals and stats. Chiro8000 has made our billing procedures easy to maneuver within the program. Most rewarding, using Chiro8000 has increased collections using outstanding claim tracers, and monthly reports. Chiro8000 is very convenient and user friendly.


Office Manager, Tennessee

Blog Posts

Why is the Right Fit So Valuable for Your Business [Webcast]

What is The Right Fit? RightFit is our proprietary training process to get new clients up and running with Chiro8000 software very fast. The RightFit setup is a curriculum we use, and it's tailored around your office and includes: Setup fee schedule Load...

Rutledge Chiropractic Case Study

Rutledge Chiropractic For several years I practiced with my husband in California before we relocated to North Carolina. When we made the move cross country, we also decided to separate our practices. Even though we now practice separately we still play an...

Is a Cloud-Based Solution Best for My Chiropractic Software?

Ultimately, cloud-based solutions were designed with mobility in mind and you pay a premium for a feature that is seldom required in the chiropractic workspace. For most chiropractors, an on-site software and server solution works because it’s a one-time...

How We Help You with MIPS and Meaningful Use

Ensure Compliance Currently, chiropractors must successfully affirm to demonstrating meaningful use of certified EHRs to qualify for any incentive payments through the Medicare Payment Incentive Programs. Therefore, it’s imperative your chiropractic...

How Chiro8000 Helps with Billing (Video)

Increase your Billing Effectiveness and Efficency Chiro8000 features: - Easy creation of electronic or paper batches - Easy to understand invoicing with a variety of templates to suit your needs - The ability to create individual or batch...

Chiro8000 Software Overview

Overview Chiro8000 offers the best and most complete value in Chiropractic Software including: Billing Practice Management Electronic Patient Records Check out the video to the left for a quick overview of Chiro8000. CEO Dion Nugent explains...

Florida Chiropractic Association National Convention and Expo

The National Orlando by FCA Come join us at our Booth #409 to see how Chiro8000 is making Chiropractic Practice Management Software easier. This year we will be highlighting our turnkey solution that makes Meaningful Use and MIPS simple, fast and...

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